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New Pump Products BrochureCDS-John Blue not only manufactures agricultural and industrial pumps, we also make the pump accessories, products and equipment that complete your (liquid or NH3) precision application system. When combined, these pump systems move liquids, mix chemicals, divide and monitor flows, and then apply at just the right rates. And just like our hard-working pumps, the pump accessories are "Guaranteed to Do the Job". Learn more about CDS-John Blue pump accessories below. Or, visit our ag pumps and industrial pumps.

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New Pump Accessories

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Pump Accessory Overviews

  • NEW! VisaGage II NH3 Flow Monitor and Blockage System   ^ More
    Now you can know your NH3 flow from the tractor cab. Plus, it’s compatible with N-Serve.
  • NEW! VisaGage Orifice Selector   ^ More
    Turn your CDS-John Blue VisaGage II into a self-contained orifice changing system. Simply select from one of four orifice settings on each disc. Now you won’t get wet from fertilizers or chemicals when changing orifices.
  • NEW! Direct Hydraulic Drive for Piston Pumps   ^ More
    A lower cost and more compact solution. Now users can supply their own SAE A 2-bolt motor or CDS-John Blue has a hydraulic motor/pwm manifold kit available. Kits available for John Deere®, Raven®, Ag Leader®, Dickey-john to name a few. Get quick and stable adjustments to your application rates regardless of temperature or lack of head pressure.
  • UPGRADED! 12-Volt Speed Controller   ^ More
    Available in 15 and 35 amp models, the 12-Volt Speed Controller provides accurate and smooth control over a wide range of RPM’s and smoother adjustment of pump flow/pressure. Includes sealed wiring connectors and a separate analog pressure gauge that can be located outside of the cab or on the controller.
  • UPGRADED! LBMS Now Available on Android (and Apple) Tablets   ^ More
    The CDS-John Blue app for LBMS (Liquid Blockage Monitor System) is now available for tablets running the Android operating system.
  • 12-Volt Speed Controllers   ^ More
    CDS-John Blue Company is pleased to introduce the upgraded 12-Volt Speed Controller product line. The 12-Volt Speed Controller controls motor speed on any 12-Volt pump to vary output. The CDS-John Blue 12-Volt Speed Controller provides accuracy over a wide range of RPM's. CDS-John Blue Company is offering 15 and 35 AMP Controllers available with or without plumbing and stainless steel ammonia gauge, and available with the digital display models.
  • Check Valves   ^
    CDS-John Blue provides check valves for various applications including delivery line check valves for planters and applicators and irrigation injection check valves.
  • Discontinued L & LM Pump Parts   ^ More
    Discontinued piston pumps parts for your L & LM series pumps..
  • Flow Dividers   ^ More
    Liquid fertilizer users demand accurate rates - and this is our idea of perfection. The patented CDS-John Blue Flow Divider used in conjunction with our liquid metering piston pump delivers accuracy. Agricultural experts have proven in the field that the CDS-John Blue Flow Divider provides the most accurate distribution of any automatic flow divider system on the market today. The stainless steel flow divider is available with 12 or 20 outlets and the newly released 6 outlet flow divider. Check valves for low gallon applications and mounts are also available.
  • Flow Monitors (VisaGage II™)   ^ More
    Monitoring flow rates of your liquid fertilizers and herbicides just got easier with the cost-effective, simple to install, VisaGage II. This CDS-John Blue Flow Monitor enables growers to easily monitor flow rates of liquid fertilizers and herbicides, which helps to improve efficiency and profitability. CDS-John Blue has recently introduced a Fumigant VisaGage II, ideal for Telone applications.
  • Foam Markers   ^ More
    The CDS-John Blue foam markers are a simple, reliable solution to visually mark the edge of sprayed areas through deposits of foam balls. It's the most common and economical way to avoid double coverage or lack of coverage during application of chemicals and fertilizers. A wide range of gallon sizes are available to fit your specific needs.
  • Ground Drives, Pump Drives & Accessories   ^ More
    The CDS-John Blue Family of Universal Drive Assemblies-DRV's make the installation of ground driven pumps on applicators and planters simple. Ground driven pumps have proven they are the most reliable and accurate method of applying liquid fertilizer without exception. Now you can bolt it up quickly and easily!
  • Impellicone Flow Divider for Anhydrous Ammonia   ^ More
    The CDS-John Blue Impellicone Flow Divider is a revolutionary new concept in NH3 applications. Available in 13 and 18-port models, and the newly released 6-port model. The Impellicone evenly mixes the gas and liquid portions of NH3 and distributes accurately to each row. The CDS-John Blue Impellicone can greatly reduce the over application of NH3.
  • John Deere Upgrade Kits   ^ More
    Update your John Deere equipment with the latest technology from CDS-John Blue Company. The following kits make it easier to use CDS-John Blue products on your John Deere Planter.
  • Knives & Blades   ^ More
    CDS-John Blue offers a wide range of Knives and Blades with stainless steel tubes on heavy duty knives. We offer the largest toe section on any knife in the industry.
  • Liquid Blockage Monitor System (Electronic LBMS)   ^ More
    Now you can know your liquid application flow from the cab of your tractor. Identify which row is being under-applied before your yields are diminished. Our patented system shows you low-flow, no-flow and high-flow problems now, which means you can correct it immediately. No more second guessing if any of your delivery lines are plugged!
  • Manifolds & Mounts   ^ More
    CDS-John Blue manifolds can be used with liquids for even distribution when used with proper size orifices. Constructed of domestic investment casting stainless steel or cast iron CDS-John Blue manifolds will last for many years. Manifolds are available with various numbers of outlets.
  • Miscellaneous Drive Components   ^ More
    Hub sprocket adaptors and sprockets are available for easy installation of your CDS-John Blue Pumps and Drives.
  • NH3 Flow & Blockage Monitor System (VisaGage II™)   ^ More
    Now you can know your liquid and NH3 application flow from the cab of your tractor. Identify which row is being under-applied before your yields are diminished costing valuable time and money. Our patented system shows you low-flow, no-flow and high-flow problems now, which means you can correct it immediately. No more second guessing if any of your delivery lines are plugged!
  • Planter Kits   ^ More
    Wide range of planter kits are available from CDS-John Blue to assist in mounting your pumps.
  • Spray Valve Controllers   ^ More
    CDS-John Blue John Blue Company offers a wide range of diaphragm pump control valves. Our pressure regulators are available in various flow rates and pressures.
  • Spray Guns & Lances   ^ More
    CDS-John Blue Company complements its Low Volume High Pressure Piston Spray Pumps with an assortment of spray control guns and lances.
  • Strainers   ^ More
    Keep foreign material from clogging your delivery lines with CDS-John Blue In-line strainers.
  • Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kits   ^ More
    If you have a CDS-John Blue Piston Pump, now you can make it a Variable Rate Piston Pump. Take your piston pump and couple it to our various rate hydraulic drive kits for variable rate or in cab application changes. Our Variable Rate System can be used with numerous software and GPS packages. Plus, we recently introduced the new Direct Hydraulic Drive Piston Pump, a lower cost, more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives.