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CDS-John Blue Company Introduces Electronic Liquid Blockage Monitor System


October 10, 2013 - HUNTSVILLE, AL - CDS-John Blue Company is pleased to introduce the new Liquid Blockage Monitor System (LBMS). Now growers can know their liquid application flow from the cab of their tractor. Our patent-pending system shows both low-flow and no-flow problems now. Problems can be corrected immediately before yields are diminished costing valuable time and money.

Liquid Blockage Monitor System Being Used In-CabThe CDS-John Blue LBMS uses magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the CDS-John Blue VisaGage II Flow Monitors. The operator is alerted with an audible alarm and visual display when the ball and flow in an individual row has dropped below a selected level. Each row with a distribution problem will be highlighted by a flashing LED light at the row. The flashing LED light eliminates the need to remember or search for which row is blocked after you come to a stop.

Two display options are available, our standard wired display or the popular wireless Apple i-Pad®. A grower can select at which level on the VisaGage the alarm will sound when a ball drops to or below that level. The Apple i-Pad Premium System will also display high flow for broken lines. LBMS i-Pad App is free and available from the Apple App Store.

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