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VisaGage II and Liquid Blockage Monitor Systems (LBMS)

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Flow Monitor Calculator
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Application Rate

Gallons Per Acre
Ground Speed

Miles Per Hour
Row Spacing (Distance between your crop rows)

Number of Rows (Number of rows being treated)

Fertilizer Weight

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Terms of Use:
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I understand that all calculations are based upon the information I provide. Always verify the calculated information before entering the field as variables within your system can cause differences between calculated rates and actual output rates.

Click the button below to access your flow monitor settings.
then scroll down this page to see your estimated results.
Your Estimated Results:
Corrected Flow

Equivalent Gallons Per Minute Per Row
Use this figure to choose the correct ball type for VisaGage II and LBMS (Liquid Blockage Monitor Systems)

Supported Devices:

  • This calculator is a web application that requires certain functionality of your tablet device or smartphone. Not all devices will work. However, late-model smartphones and tablet devices (such as Apple iPhones/iPads, most Android devices, Windows Phones, and Blackberries) that offer full support for HTML, JavaScript, and Dynamic HTML standards will work appropriately. Contact your device manufacturer for questions about compliance to these standards.

Online Instructions:

  • Complete all form fields within the blue section.
    1. Select whether you work in "English Units" or Metric Units" of measurement.
    2. Enter your "Application Rate".
    3. Enter your "Ground Speed".
    4. Enter your "Row Spacing" (the distance between crop rows).
    5. Enter the "Number of Rows" being treated.
    6. Enter your "Fertilizer Weight".

  • Double-check all the fields you just entered for correctness.

  • Read the "WARNING" and the "TERMS OF USE" within the pink section.
    1. Acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the "WARNING" and the "TERMS OF USE" by putting a check in the checkbox next to "I have read, ...".
    2. Click the button that says, "Calculate My Flow Monitor Settings".

  • Scroll down to the green section of the page titled "Your Estimated Results:" to view your CDS-John Blue flow monitor settings.
    1. Match the number in the results field marked "Corrected Flow" with the "Visagage II and LBMS Quick Reference Ball Chart" to indicate which ball to use in your flow monitor device. A link to the "Visagage II and LBMS Quick Reference Ball Chart" is provided in the results portion of the form. The data for English units is on the first page and data for Metric units is on the second page.

  • NOTICE: If after viewing your estimated results, you decide to change any of the input form fields, be sure to resubmit your changes by clicking the gray "Calculate My Flow Monitor Settings" button once again. Failing to do so will result in improper results.

Offline Instructions:
(for use when an Internet connection is not available)

  • While it is best to have a live Internet connection (or mobile data connection), it is possible to use the calculator offline on many mobile devices. Try the following:
    • View the calculator somewhere where Internet connectivity is available. Once the calculator is available on your mobile device, leave your browser running and enter the field where Internet connectivity is not available. The calculator should will still work.

  • If that doesn't work, try the following:
    • Try downloading an app for your mobile device that allows you to view web pages offline. Be sure the app works in conjuction with your web browser or supports JavaScript. JavaScript is the programming that performs the mathematics necessary to calculate your pump settings.

  • Your final option:
    • If neither of the above options work for you, your only alternative is to gather the information required by the calculator and enter the information when you have a live Internet connection.

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