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Irrigation Pumps & Fertilizer Pumps

Since 1886, farmers have counted on CDS-John Blue agricultural pumps for accuracy, reliability, and value. That legacy continues with the latest CDS-John Blue products born of skilled engineering, quality materials, and good old American craftsmanship. Innovation can be seen in our line of ag pumps and pump accessories are designed for precision application, irrigation and fertigation systems that consistently exceed expectations. We know legacies aren’t about words. Legacies are proven in the field with equipment that’s "Guaranteed to Do the Job."

Agricultural Pump Accessories, Equipment & Systems

With our patented Liquid Blockage Monitor System (LBMS), you can visualize and ensure the correct application flow from a display inside the cab of the tractor. LBMS works in tandem with our VisaGage II Flow Monitor. Couple it with our enhanced Flow Divider and Next Generation Piston Pump and you have the most reliable fertilizer system on the market today. Other innovations, like the CDS-John Blue Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kits and the recently introduced Direct Hydraulic Drive Piston Pumps continue to produce better results in the field - not to mention a variety of industry awards and honorable mentions.

We didn’t just stop with liquid fertilizer products. CDS-John Blue also offers Anhydrous Ammonia application products such as our Impellicone Flow Dividers and Splitters that provide greater accuracy and reduce the over application of NH3 year after year. You asked and we answered with the new NH3 VisaGage II Flow Monitor and electronic Blockage Monitor System for monitoring flow from the tractor cab.

  • CDS-John Blue Agricultural & Industrial Pumps & Accessories
  • NEW! DP-291 Diaphragm Pump: 29 GPM & 725 psi
  • NEW! Calculator for NH3 VisaGage & LBMS
  • AE50 WINNER: VisaGage Orifice Selector
  • Piston Pump with VisaGage II Flow Monitor
  • NEW! Hydraulic Drive Piston Pumps
  • Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kits, Flow Dividers & Flow Monitors
  • NEW! NH3 VisaGage with Electronic Blockage Monitor
  • VisaGage Flow Monitors with Liquid Blockage Monitor
  • 130+ Years of American Made Craftsmanship
  • Squeeze Tube Pumps
  • E-Z Meter Irrigation Injection Pump
  • Full-Range Fertilizer Injection Pump
  • Centrifugal Transfer Pumps
  • Complete Line of Diaphragm Pumps
  • Committed to the Success of Farmers & Growers